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MJC urge Muslim community to practice physical distancing during Eid

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has urged the Muslim community to exercise social distancing and stay at home during the upcoming Eid celebration, saying the day could become a “super-spreading event”.

In a statement on Friday, the MJC asked the community not to gather during the moon sighting, not visit their families on Eid, and instead use technology to create “special family moments”.

“Eid can potentially become a super-spreading event which could result in many more people dying, especially if people disobey lockdown regulations and start visiting family.

“Guidance for performing Eid salaah at home has already been given, however, it will lose its effect if people start visiting each other at home,” the MJC said.

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It encouraged communities to participate in the collective Takbir “by standing on your stoep/porch as a family and making Takbir with the community”.

“We recommend that the community tune in to their radio or television on Saturday evening to learn whether the moon for Shawaal has been sighted and which day Eid ul-Fitr will be.”

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The MJC also recommended that families do not gather for their Eid meal and instead practice physical distancing to prevent risks associated with Covid-19.

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“If you have already made plans to have meals together, rather order the same meal, but have it delivered and eat it separately in our own home joining virtually using phone/Zoom/WhatsApp, and other technologies.

“Please avoid physically getting together as it puts yourself and your family at risk. If you wish to offer support to someone who has recently lost someone, it will be better to do it using phone/virtual technology to avoid more losses inshaallah.”

It urged communities to offer financial support to those in need if possible, saying it was easy to do this via electronic banking.

“This Eid let us remain socially connected while staying physically apart,” the MJC said.

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