Friday Briefing | Ramaphosa and the convergence of three crises: Poor governance, a weak economy and Covid-19

The old saying what you reap is what you sow may hold more true now than ever before for South Africa. 

And this may ring louder and louder as the Covid-19 pandemic continues on its path of invasive destruction – affecting every facet of everyone’s lives. 

In this week’s Friday Briefing, Pieter du Toit, News24’s Assistant Editor: In-depth News, scrutinises and shows how the Zuma years are catching up with us now as we grapple with how to best combat this invisible and deadly foe.  

Business Insider SA editor Helena Wasserman looks at the surprising ways in which South Africa’s economy will shape up and Wits Professor Alex van den Heever, makes a sobering assessment of how we have dealt with Covid-19 so far and what needs to be done beyond the 21-day lockdown.

What we do know is that at this moment in history, our responsibility to each other as individuals, our communities, country and the world, has come into much sharper focus and in a relatively short space of time.

Stay safe.


Yunus Kemp

Opinions Editor 

Bitter harvest: How the Zuma years are catching up with South Africa in the time of Covid-19

A decade ago, South Africa deftly negotiated the global financial crisis thanks to good governance and effective decision-making. But the spread of Covid-19 has exposed the country, and sees the convergence of three major crises for President Cyril Ramaphosa, writes Pieter du Toit.

The surprising ways corona will change SA’s economy forever

Whether the pandemic, and the massive job losses will help focus the minds of civil servants amid government’s crucial bid to reduce its wage bill, remains to be seen, writes Helena Wasserman.

Covid-19: Where are we? The clock is ticking and failure is not an option

To put it in a nutshell, therefore, government has two weeks to define a post-lockdown strategy that works. What this requires is a full-scale prevention strategy, at whatever cost, which is able to co-exist with a re-opening of the economy, writes Alex van den Heever.

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