Friday Briefing | Adrift and dangerous: The sorry state of South Africa’s opposition parties

Adrift and dangerous: The sorry state of South Afr

South Africa’s political landscape is littered with the carcasses of broken promises, hollow rhetoric and visionless leadership across the spectrum – an arena where those who shout the loudest get the bulk of airtime on social media as well as in the mainstream media.

South Africa is on the precipice of an economic meltdown, yet those we pay to represent our interests are failing us.

They are not doing the job we are paying them to do. In any other job, people are disciplined and if the same errant behaviour recurs, they would be dismissed.

In this week’s edition, political strategist Paul Boughey argues that it is evident that the established political players are not up to the task. It is hard to disagree with this assessment.

Analyst Phumlani M. Majozi warns that if the DA does not get its act together, he foresees a national government made up of an ANC-EFF coalition – a scenario, he says, will be the worst possible outcome for South Africa. 

At this moment in our history, it is hard to see beyond the cheap mudslinging, confused and ineffectual style of politics.

We continue to be short-changed, but we, the people, seem to lack the collective will to demand change.

It seems we are fine paying for what we are getting: Little value for our money.


Yunus Kemp

News24 Opinions Editor

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